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Columbia College Chicago is bringing a new focus to creative practice in our society and on our campus.  By improving the rigor of the education students receive and the outcomes they achieve post-graduation, Columbia College Chicago is poised to not only prepare students for success in existing fields, but to situate them on the leading edge of creative industries yet to be born.

In order to reach its full potential as an educational innovator, an incubator of new creative practice, and a generator of real-world success for our students, Columbia College Chicago depends on the generous support of alumni, faculty, staff, parents, and friends of the college.  Giving to the college directly impacts both students’ current educational experience as well as their professional futures. 

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Giving Priorities

Annual Fund

Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is the leading way to support Columbia College Chicago students.  By giving to this fund, you provide resources that immediately go to work and address the college’s most pressing needs, including financial aid, student programming, and faculty development.  The Annual Fund also enables the college to take advantage of new opportunities to foster student success as they arise.

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Scholarship Columbia

Scholarship Columbia

As the primary donor-funded scholarship source for continuing students, Scholarship Columbia allows you to ensure that students have the financial means to complete their degree.  

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Columbia Internship Fund

Internship Challenge

You can help students gain essential internship experience. Your gift to the Columbia Internship Fund provides scholarship support to students who are completing an unpaid internship. Learn more about how you can make a difference in a student’s professional career.

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