Columbia College Chicago

The Case for Columbia

Columbia College Chicago is the largest school of arts and media in the country, and one of the largest in the world.  Over 12,000 undergraduate and graduate students earn their degrees in subjects that span the visual, performing and communication arts, from the medieval craft of papermaking to modern dance, film and 21st century digital media.

Columbia College has earned an international reputation in the disciplines that define our times: The School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, in which our students take their general education courses, includes English, History, Humanities, Literature, Languages and Science & MathThe School of Fine and Performing Arts alone is bigger than the average liberal arts college. It includes seven departments: Arts, Entertainment and Media Management, Art and Design, Dance, Fiction Writing, Music, Photography, and Theater. The School of Media Arts is also college-sized and it too includes seven departments: Audio Arts and Acoustics (where do you think all those recording studio producers come from?), Film & Video, Interactive Arts and Media (which includes our new major in Video Games), Journalism, Radio, Marketing Communication and Television. And we teach graduate programs in all three schools, from which we award master’s degrees and MFAs.

Creativity is the essence of change.  We do more than prepare our students for the jobs of today.  Our academic mission drives us to educate the whole person, to nurture and equip students who will be ready to take creative control of their own careers and to become leaders in the disciplines they master, inventing and refining the jobs of tomorrow.

My Columbia Story

Curtis Mann J. Wayne Tukes Mauro Fiore

Curtis Mann (M.F.A '08)

J. Wayne Tukes

College Advisor/Donor

Mauro Fiore (B.A. '87)