Columbia College Chicago

Gifts of Stocks & Securities


You can transfer stocks or bonds to Columbia College Chicago by following these instructions. Instruct your broker, trust officer or financial advisor to electronically deliver the securities by DTC or in person to:

Mesirow Financial Services
Highland Park Office
610 Central Avenue, Suite 200
Highland Park, IL 60035


Telephone: 847.681.2300
Toll Free: 888.681.0082
Fax: 847.681.2401 (Investment Services)
Fax: 847.681.2403 (Insurance Services)

Account Number: WMP-001974
DTC Number: 0226


Mr. Daniel Bolan
Investment Broker
P: (847) 681-2505
F: (847) 681-2401

Please call, or instruct your advisor to call any of the contact persons listed above as soon as possible with the following information:
  1. Your name, address and phone number (required)
  2. Name(s) of the securities being transferred
  3. Number of shares (stocks) or face value amount (bonds)
  4. Approximate current market value of the securities
  5. The name, address and phone number of your advisor

The official value of your gift will be the average of the high and low quotes on the day the securities are recorded in the Columbia College account. Normally, a transfer will take place within two or three business days, but may take much longer at calendar year-end. A receipt will be prepared and mailed to you within a few days following the delivery of the security(ies).