Columbia College Chicago

Giving to Columbia

The Case for Columbia

Our students are making bold moves. In deciding to pursue what they’re truly passionate about—whether that’s music, writing, fashion, filmmaking, or any one of the more than 120 diverse academic programs that Columbia College Chicago offers—they’re challenged to declare that their belief in themselves will be rewarded; that their dreams are worth striving for. Their willingness to create opportunities, to invent new solutions and share new ideas, is what makes Columbia a truly unique institution of higher learning.

By guiding students’ development as creative thinkers, we show them what they’re capable of. By teaching them how to succeed in a competitive world, we prepare them to put their skills to use. And by offering comprehensive financial resources to help them complete their education, we show them that we believe in them. That is why we ask you to consider a gift to Columbia College.

As the nation’s future artists, engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs, our students’ drive to succeed will lead them to shape the world that we live in. Their passion, their ideas, and their eagerness to learn pulse at the heart of our institution. When they enroll, Columbia College students demonstrate their unshakeable faith in themselves as creators, as self-starting hard workers, and as individuals committed to their own success. Most importantly, they demonstrate faith in Columbia College as the place that will help them realize their ambitions

You can make a difference. In order to match the faith that our students have placed in us, we count on the gifts of our friends and valued community members. We encourage you to share the faith that we have in our students. An investment in their education is more than a gift to a college. It is an investment in the future

Giving Opportunities

Annual Fund

The Annual Fund at Columbia College Chicago is built around the collective spirit of giving. Committed to the belief that a community flourishes according to the commitment of each of its members, Annual Fund donors at Columbia support the institution at the most fundamental level.

As an essential element of everything Columbia does, the Annual Fund is unrestricted, which means gifts can be used wherever the greatest need for them exists. Thus, the Annual Fund: supports innovative student programming; provides vital financial assistance to those who might not otherwise be able to continue their education; and offers infrastructural support—like upgraded multimedia classrooms, cutting-edge software, and expanded learning and performance spaces—to the entire campus community.

Scholarship Columbia

Scholarship Columbia is Columbia College Chicago’s premier general-use scholarship fund. Established in 2009 as a five-year gift-matching challenge, Scholarship Columbia has already raised more than $1.6 million to help alleviate the immediate financial burdens of deserving students.

Though the matching period has come to an end, Scholarship Columbia continues as a powerful tool for student success, providing the next generation of aspiring artists, entrepreneurs, and creators the opportunity to live what they love.