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Empower Future Industry Leaders

Columbia College Chicago students are vibrant, motivated, and ready to make their mark on the world. Columbia prepares students for success in existing fields and situates them on the leading edge of evolving creative industries. However, without financial support, many of these students may never have the opportunity to experience all that Columbia has to offer.

Columbia seeks the generous support of alumni, faculty, staff, parents, and friends of the college. Donors have a direct impact on students by helping them use their talents to pursue their passions.

Make a gift to Columbia College Chicago and empower future industry leaders in the creative fields and disciplines.

Annual Fund

The Annual Fund provides resources that immediately support the college’s most pressing needs, such as student programming and faculty development. Through our programs, Columbia develops creatives who will use their talents to address local and global challenges through art and entrepreneurship.

Scholarship Columbia

Scholarship Columbia is a scholarship for continuing junior and senior students. We find that many students need support at the end of their college journey. Your contribution helps ensure that these students have the financial means to stay enrolled at Columbia, complete their degree, and pursue a career that they love.

Columbia Internship Fund

In addition to their coursework, many students want to get real-world experience in their industry by working at an internship. But an unpaid internship doesn't pay the bills, so students must often choose between getting valuable internship experience or taking any job they can find to pay for tuition. Columbia Internship Fund provides scholarship support to students who are completing an unpaid internship.